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Langmanrope dock line references

Beautiful yachts, beautiful ropes

For yachts all over the world we produce fine high quality lines. Below you can find a selection.


M/Y Elsea

Beaufort mooring lines

Our double braided polyester mooring lines Beaufort in 40mm have been supplied to the beautiful motor yacht Elsea. Complete with spliced leather eyes.

Motor yacht Panthera

Luxury mooring lines Beaufort

For the great looking yacht Panthera we have supplied our robust Beaufort mooring lines.

Yacht Magenta

Beaufort mooring ropes

For the yacht Magenta we supplied our beautiful double braided polyester lines, Beaufort in 28mm. Excellent UV and abrasion resistant.

M/Y Liberty

Luxury double braided polyester mooring lines

We were able to supply new mooring lines for the magnificent super yacht Liberty. Beaufort in black with black leather eyes.

M/Y White

New luxury mooring lines

For the super yacht White (formerly project Ayla) built in 2018, we supplied the mooring lines. Beaufort double braided polyester in 30mm with spliced eyes and with leather protection.

Hermitage Yacht

Double braided lines

For the 68 meter luxury yacht Hermitage we have supplied new double braided lines with a core of braided UHMWPE / Dyneema® yarns.

Katara Yacht

Mooring tails Beaufort

For one of the largest yachts in the world, Katara, we have produced spliced Mooring tails. Specially made of double braided polyester, our Beaufort.

M/Y St. David

Luxury mooring lines beaufort

For this beautifal super yacht St. David we supplied our beaufort mooring lines of 40mm thick and a troll of our Polysteel. All custom made with leather eyes.

Areti Superyacht

Beaufort luxury mooring lines

The beautiful timeless superyacht Areti is equipped with new mooring lines. In addition, this yacht of 85mtr also equipped with new fender lines. All double braided polyester, our Beaufort lines are used for this. The lines are provided with spliced eyes with leather.

S/Y Black Pearl

Towing lines

Unique in its kind, the 106.7 meter long sailing yacht Black Pearl. Currently the largest sailing yacht in the world. We have supplied customized towing lines for this.

Cloud9 Superyacht

Luxury mooring lines beaufort

For the superyacht Cloud9 we supplied 44mm new Beaufort mooring lines. Completely spliced with leather eyes

M/Y Gattopardo VI Superyacht

Beaufort mooring lines

For the 40 meter superyacht Gattapardo we supplied custom made luxury mooring lines. Our Beaufort double braided polyester, coverd with leather eyes has been supplied.

M/Y Revelry

Beaufort mooring lines

The charter yacht Revelry is equipped with new mooring lines from LangmanRope. Double braided polyester, our type Beaufort in 40mm is used for this yacht.

M/Y Talitha

Double braided poseidon

The motoryacht Talitha was looking for high quality custom made halyard ropes. Our pre-stretched double braided poseidon was the right choice. Custom made in different thickness and lenghts.

Motoryacht Rahal

Beaufort mooring lines

Since several year we supply our Beaufort mooring lines For Motoryacht Rahal, France. We supplied our beaufort mooring lines in black and silver.

M/Y Latitude

Beaufort mooring lines

The luxury 43 meters motor yacht Latitude uses Beaufort Mooring lines from LangmanRopes. Our Beaufort (braided polyester with a 12-strand core) in the color black is used for this ship.

Belle de Jour

Beaufort mooring lines

Superyacht 'Belle de Jour' has received beautiful Beaufort double braided mooring lines. In the color navy with leather covered spliced eyes.

S/Y Atmosphere

Ocean8 mooring lines

For the megayacht Atmosphere LangmanRopes has supplied luxury 8-strand mooring lines. Our Ocean8 mooring lines are of a very high quality, torque free, flexibel and have a robust look.

Sea Dream yacht

Mooring lines Beaufort

The cool yacht Sea Dream has been supplied with new mooring lines. Our double braided top line Beaufort has been supplied.

Quality ropes

Quality Dutch made ropes

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