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High quality mooring lines for superyachts

For the superyacht industry we make high quality mooring lines, dock lines, fenderlines, anchor lines, heaving lines and other related products. Besides we also supply Stainless steel hardware and steelwire ropes.

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Ropes made to measure Established in 1638
Langman Touw

High quality dock lines world wide

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Langmanrope dock lines are well known among yacht owners, captains and first officers. You may find a small selection of the yachts that were supplied with LangmanRope dock lines

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We have distributors world-wide that carry stock of our product. Contact them directly to find out, or let us know your demand

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World-wide distributors

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World-wide supplier of high quality ropes

Besides lines for the superyacht industry we supply a lot of different ropes for all kind of different sectors. Find out more information on our products on our website

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